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November Brings New Blessings!

November brings new blessings for my readers: it has been my goal to get my book into readers’ hands in whatever format suits you best. Today, “As a Result” is now available in ebook, as a Kindle Edition, for only $3.49! You can search for it on Amazon. Here are some earlier thoughts on what the…

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Homecoming Jitters

It was senior year. After the first few weeks of classes, the northern West Virginia outdoors began to feel as if someone left the door open to Alaska. By late September and early October, we adjusted to the continuous rush of cold air, and we began to bundle up in our knitted scarves and warm…

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From Building Sandcastles to Cashing Checks

Our childhood was, at times, a mix of fun and games. Some were captured with a camera, like the gritty fun John and I (with another vacationer) had here. During our annual two-week vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusetts we sometimes tired of building fragile sandcastles that disintegrated as the tide rolled in. Our older brother,…

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September is National Recovery Month (Updated Sept. 2, 2019)

The word recovery can be taken literally and figuratively. Recovery is the result of finding something you’ve lost, like salvaging relics from a sunken ship, or taking things back you’d thought were tossed away. In my case, the recovery process began in 1986 at the age of 26. I took my last drink in January…

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Embracing Belief

I experienced a deep understanding of the Cross of Christ at age eighteen, when I attended T.E.C. (Teens Encounter Christ) during my senior year in high school. After the intense weekend, though I felt enlightened, my life didn’t change. I went about those next years doing pretty much whatever I pleased. Fast-forward to age twenty-…

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Big Chief Comes to Life

“Sarah, time for nap,” Mom said. I frowned. Wasn’t I too big for naps now? While all my other siblings were in school, I was the last child home with Mom. Still too young for Kindergarten, I’d have to wait until the following year. I loved having Mom all to myself. But when nap time…

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Three in Cloth Diapers

In my new memoir, “As a Result”, the stories retold from my childhood and later years are based on memories which often fade, and sometimes slip. As in any large family, perspectives vary from sibling to sibling. In our case, we were like two different generations under the same roof. Our parents had three children…

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