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Escorted to Heaven 40 Years Ago.

In Memory of Amy Lynn Robinson Nov.3, 1979 to May 8, 1980 Some things are so hard to write about.   Grief is an unexpected, multi-faceted emotion. Much has been written on the stages one goes through when you lose a loved one. In our case, we knew from month one that our new baby…

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Earning Miles the Hard Way

First of all, it’s important to note that ever since I was fourteen years old, I’ve enjoyed many a trip across states and across countries as a passenger on an airplane. At sixty years old now, I can count twenty times across oceans on international flights, and too many flights to count on this continent.…

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Embracing Belief

I experienced a deep understanding of the Cross of Christ at age eighteen, when I attended T.E.C. (Teens Encounter Christ) during my senior year in high school. After the intense weekend, though I felt enlightened, my life didn’t change. I went about those next years doing pretty much whatever I pleased. Fast-forward to age twenty-…

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