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On your mark…get set…write!

One year ago this month, I launched my memoir, “As a Result” when a gathering of close friends and family met at our local Tutto Gelato Cafe for my first official book presentation. I’m still so grateful recalling the support and excitement. Following a journey of late nights, countless revisions and prayers in the parking…

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The Perfect Season has Two Names

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” George Eliot Autumn or Fall, the only season so wonderful it demands two names, never lasts long enough for me. In West Virginia, we savor it for four months, (late)…

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Peak of Summer: Destination Outdoors

I grew up in a house full of timepieces. They were the types of clocks needing wound, and they graced every surface and wall space of our family home. Maybe this is why I like to use the twenty-four hour analogy: If summer were a clock, by July 1st, we West Virginians are at “12…

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Study the Map

We writers often invest our time in quiet pursuits, drawing inspiration from the sights and sounds around us. Birdsong, a change of wind direction and even the occasional bumps in the night–with the emotions surrounding them–can bring an unexpected flash, and even angst, until we “Go, write that down.” On an envelope flap. On the…

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How You Know God’s Still Alive

In just two days from today, our youngest daughter turns 26, on the 26th of April!                                               Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! (Kathryn Nelle “Katie”, pictured far right during her semester in London, with…

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What Guides Your Pen?

  Ever had one of those “Pinch meeee…is this reeeeally happening?” moments? What a profound chapter in a writer’s life, signing your name to each guest’s memoir. My memoirist friend, Kathleen’s husband took my photo that day in October, when “As a Result” was birthed. If you’re a writer, you cherish the times when the “pen” flows…

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Exchanging Gifts

Of all the traditions being passed down from generation to generation, my favorites are telling stories and the exchanging of gifts. Especially at Christmastime. Families share memories of Christmases long ago, like during the 1920’s, during the Depression. Whenever we got to sidle up next to Mom on the rare occasion she’d actually sit for a…

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Recipe for Memoir

  Ingredients:   Vivid memories. Open heart, mind & satisfied soul. Keyboard. Pen & paper   Instructions:   Part One 1. Open memories of childhood: cherished; difficult; meaningful. 2. Measure in healthy portion of learning experiences. 3. Blend in family stories through poetry, essays, and short quips. 4. Sprinkle in references from Dick & Jane reader:…

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Celebrating Progress

If we think we will be happy once we arrive at some elusive goal, we are dangling the proverbial carrot, reaching for a future event that may or may not ever quite materialize. As a writer, I hope to see my new memoir, “As a Result” reach more people next month than it did last…

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November Brings New Blessings!

November brings new blessings for my readers: it has been my goal to get my book into readers’ hands in whatever format suits you best. Today, “As a Result” is now available in ebook, as a Kindle Edition, for only $3.49! You can search for it on Amazon. Here are some earlier thoughts on what the…

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