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Recipe for Memoir




  1. Vivid memories.
  2. Open heart, mind & satisfied soul.
  3. Keyboard. Pen & paper




Part One

1. Open memories of childhood: cherished; difficult; meaningful.

2. Measure in healthy portion of learning experiences.

3. Blend in family stories through poetry, essays, and short quips.

4. Sprinkle in references from Dick & Jane reader:

“Look, oh, look! See Dad go!”


Part Two

1. Crack open adolescence.

2. Whip until soft peaks form.

3. Sift through dreams. Layer siblings throughout.

4. Pare back emotion while clarifying difficult details.

(Check apron pocket for tissue.)

5. Season teenage years with perspective:

“Farrah Fawcett hair”!


Now, set aside ingredients to marinate in safe place.

Let rise a few weeks, months or years.

Pray for wisdom: what to keep, what to discard.

Skim away any unnecessary reflections. (Reduce by 30,000 words.)


Part Three

1. Add healthy dose of courage.

2. Fold in grace. Taste words.

3. Have writer friends do taste-testing, too.

4. Place mixture in cohesive order.

5. Put entire spread in hands of qualified *editor who will garnish & stir things up.

(*May suggest adding more time to the process. Your memoir is done when your editor says it’s done.)







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