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What Guides Your Pen?

Book Launch for memoir, October 2018


Ever had one of those “Pinch meeee…is this reeeeally happening?” moments?

What a profound chapter in a writer’s life, signing your name to each guest’s memoir. My memoirist friend, Kathleen’s husband took my photo that day in October,

when “As a Result” was birthed.

If you’re a writer, you cherish the times when the “pen” flows in unexpected ways. Even when the writing still needs tons of work, expect inspiration from unexpected sources to show up. And it’s more than the caffeine. If your identity is in Christ, and Jesus is the author of your faith…

  • He is the word made flesh—
  • He invented the word—He perfects it in us.                                                                                   And for the nonfiction writer,
  • He turns our experience into testimony
  • He uses all for good.
  • He cares deeply about the things that concern us.

My bubble points could fill a page, but you get the idea.

Have you read Psalm 40 and Psalm 139? King David was a master of creative nonfiction. He drew on all of his horrible decisions, sinful past, horrific grief, suffering “as a result” of his selfish choices, and he drew on his experience with forgiveness, reconciliation and renewal.

No wonder his words resonate with me more than almost any other writer of scripture. If you’ve read my work, you’ll understand. I could not even begin to compare my writing with his, but the angst and the resolve are universal in those of us who’ve suffered in similar ways. The heartache sometimes becomes the driving force in deciding to bear our souls.

In 2019, I’ll have a number of opportunities to share my memoir journey—my story—both in testimonial, and in book talks. Which excerpts of “As a Result” will I share? Which stories will mean the most to my audiences? Each reading group dynamic will be different.

Some will be recovering groups.

Some will be fellow writers.

Some will plan their own memoirs, and even self-publishing.

Some will simply arrive out of curiosity. Yet, there may be a spark that will send them home anxious to tell their own stories.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share the promotions, dates, times and venues.

I hope to see you at these future events! 

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